4 Book Recommendations for the New Year

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At the end of each year tons of “best of” book lists flood the blogosphere. They are extremely popular and for good reason. Lots of people use these lists to compile reading lists for the following year.

If you are still looking for some great additions to your 2020 reading lists here is a list of the first 4 books of 2020 I am currently reading.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits

What I Like So Far: This is one of the most intuitively helpful books I have read on how habits shape us.

Best Quote So Far:You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” 



Leadership in War by Andrew Roberts 

Leadership in War


What I Like So Far: Fast-paced, riveting reading material on some of history’s most fascinating leaders. Hard to put down. 

Best Quote So Far: “Much of Napolean’s extraordinary capacity for work derived from his ability to compartmentalize his mind, to concentrate entirely on whatever problem was before him, to the exclusion of all else.”  


From Adam and Israel to the Church: A Biblical Theology of the People of God by Benjamin L. Gladd

From Adam


What I Like So Far: Good scholarship tracing a fascinating thread of biblical theology. Gladd is thought-provoking and thoroughly biblical.  

Best Quote So Far: “The fate of the godly and the ungodly are intertwined. The godly are those who enjoy a restored image, whereas the ungodly are those who have a perverted image, or an “anti-image”. 


Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton 

Orthodoxy .jpg


What I  Like So Far:  A Christian classic. Chesterton’s philosophical brilliance is on full display here. 

Best Quote So Far: “The wild worship of lawlessness and the materialists worship of law end in the same void.” 

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