2019 was a great year of reading. Here are the 10 best books I read this year.

(In no particular order)

Communion with God

Communion with God

No book I read this year compelled me to worship like this one. John Owen is a theological giant and this may be his greatest work. This classic book is an extended meditation on what it means to be united with the Trinity and it is a true treasure trove of Gospel-truth. I took my time working through this relatively short book and savored every page.

The God Who Goes Before You

The God Who Goes

A leadership unlike any other I have ever read. The God Who Goes Before You is a biblical theology of pastoral leadership, that is both theologically rich and practically helpful. Consider reading it with a fellow church leader or pastor.

Leadership from a Christian Perspective

Leadership From A Christian Perspective

Our staff at HighView Church read this book together and found it extremely helpful. In the genre of Christian leadership books, this is a must-read. Irving and Strauss present a biblically faithful picture of how servant leadership gets fleshed out in organizational contexts.

The Gospel-Driven Church


“The Gospel-Driven Church” is a timely book by the ever-readable Jared Wilson. Wilson’s writing here is, as always, engaging and written from a pastoral heart that loves the church and loves those that lead her. Wilson’s call to biblical church health is both refreshing and often challenging. Read this one with a couple of church leaders.

What is an Evangelical?

Who is An Evan

A timely read. Thomas Kidd is spot on here as he helps us understand how evangelical’s arrived at this pivotal cultural moment. This book is a warning of how a religious movement loses its way in its pursuit of power and influence.

Competing Spectacles


Reinke is one of the most consistently thoughtful, Gospel-centered authors you will ever come across. His book, 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You was immensely helpful and here Reinke continues to examine modern life in a media age through a Gospel-informed lens. Read this and be challenged.

None Greater 


If you love to read theology and you are not familiar with Matthew Barrett you should be. Barrett is one of the brightest young theologians there is and his newest book is absolutely soul-stirring. Part theology proper and part historical theology, this book is a masterpiece. Not since first reading AW Pink’s, “The Attributes of God” years ago, has a book led me to put it down and prayerfully worship like this one. Must read.

Dark Clouds Deep Mercy

Dark Clouds

After suffering personal loss and experiencing a season of grief and mourning this book was a powerful tonic for my weary soul. Vroegop writes powerfully on the unique blessing and hopefulness of lament. I could not recommend this book more highly.

The Happy Christian 


David Murray is always helpful (see his book on rest “ReSet” for further proof) but here in “The Happy Christian”, he is nothing short of brilliant. This simple, but gloriously powerful book will challenge and hopefully change the way you see the grace of God in every area of life. This book is a Gospel-soaked treasure. Buy this book immediately and be blessed (and happier too).

The Common Rule 

The Common Rule

Justin Whitmel Earley’s book The Common Rule is perhaps the most practically helpful book I read in 2019. Earley presents “habits of purpose” that bring us closer to God throughout the day. A great read with a small group of friends.

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