Top 5 Books of 2019 (So far…)

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Summer, for avid readers, is a much anticipated time of year. For me, it is a time to start working on that tall stack of books that I have been meaning to read. If you are looking for some great additions to your summer reading list, let me recommend to you these 5 excellent books.

I present to you my Top 5 Books of 2019 (So far…) In no particular order…

American History: Volume 1 by Thomas S. Kidd

Thomas Kidd is perhaps my favorite living historian to read. In volume 1 of his much anticipated 2 volume survey of American History, Kidd paints a vivid picture of the events that lead to the formation of the US and the first century or so of its storied history. Every bookshelf needs this valuable resource on it.

Competing Spectacles by Tony Reinke

Reinke is one of the most consistently thoughtful, Gospel-centered authors you will ever come across. His book, 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You was immensely helpful and here Reinke continues to examine modern life in a media age through a Gospel-informed lens. Read this and be challenged.

The Gospel Driven Church by Jared C. Wilson

The Gospel Driven Church is a timely book by the ever-readable Jared Wilson. Wilson’s writing here is, as always, engaging and written from a pastoral heart that loves the church and loves those that lead her. Wilson’s call to biblical church health is both refreshing and often challenging. Read this one with a couple of church leaders.

None Greater by Matthew Barrett

If you love to read theology and you are not familiar with Matthew Barrett you should be. Barrett is one of the brightest young theologians there is and his newest book is absolutely soul-stirring. Part theology proper and part historical theology, this book is a masterpiece. Not since first reading AW Pink’s, “The Attributes of God” years ago, has a book led me to put it down and prayerfully worship like this one. Must read.

The Happy Christian by David Murray

David Murray is always helpful (see his book on rest “ReSet” for further proof) but here in “The Happy Christian” he is nothing short of brilliant. This simple, but gloriously powerful book will challenge and hopefully change the way you see the grace of God in every area of life. This book is a Gospel-soaked treasure. Buy this book immediately and be blessed (and happier too).

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