10 Memorable Moments from T4G 2018

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Every couple of years 12,000 or so Pastors and church leaders gather in Louisville Kentucky at Together for the Gospel. T4G features incredible corporate worship, powerful preaching and lots and lots of free books!

This year, T4G’s theme was “Distinct from the World”. Each sermon and talk was aimed at addressing how exactly the local church should be in the world but not of the world. 

Here are 10 memorable moments from this year’s T4G

On the “church growth”…

“The church is not merely a growing group of people but a group of people who are growing”. – Mark Dever

On the centrality of the cross in preaching…

“We must give the world what it NEEDS, not cater to what the world wants”. – HB Charles

On culture…

“Brothers, are we entertained by things that God finds deplorable?” – Matt Chandler

On the immutability of God…

“Be warned: the God of the Bible will not have second thoughts on the Last Day”. – Kevin Deyoung

On unrepentant sin in the church…

“A small amount of tolerated sin in the church will have a catastrophic effect on that local church”. – Al Mohler

On social justice…

“People who worship God above them, will sacrifically work for justice around them.” – David Platt

On the sinful practice of not applying the 2nd part of the Great Commandment…

“This isn’t about social justice…it’s about the DADGUM SECOND COMMANDMENT” – Ligon Duncan

On false converts who do not actually follow Jesus…

“Claiming to be saved by Jesus without actually follwoing Jesus is demonic nonsense.” – Thabiti Anyabwile

On pastoral calling…

“The single calling of pastoral ministry is this: see Christ formed in your congregation”. – John Macarthur

On joy found only in the Gospel…

“The Gospel is good news because it brings us to the biggest, longest happiness”. – John Piper



Chad Williams 

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