A Church Planter’s Prayer

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God help me.

Lord, this feels impossible. It is without you.

Help me not to base my level of joy and satisfaction on Sunday’s attendance.

Keep me from using people to further ministry “ends”.

Preserve my marriage through this season of planting. No, strengthen my marriage. Please.

Save my kids. May they always love the church and never see ministry as her Father’s mistress.

Relieve the anxiety that cripples me when fundraising doors slam in my face. When we cannot seem to find a place to worship this Sunday.

Give me a heart that finds its identity in the finished work of Jesus and not the fleeting sensation of being seen as successful by fellow pastors.

Keep me from laziness and overworking. There is no joy in either.

Protect me and my flock from bad theology and false teachers.

Keep me. Keep my heart and motives pure and give me a repentant spirit when they are not.

Lord, remind me I am a shepherd and not a CEO, but I am a weak sheep before either.

Save sinners, Lord. Build your church as you have promised to do.

For yours, and not mine, is the power and glory forever and ever amen.

Hopeless without you,

In Christ’ name I plead.


A Church Planter

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