Develop to Deploy: Leadership as Mission

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Welcome to Develop to Deploy. This site has been created to provide sound, Gospel-centered leadership content for the local church. “Develop to Deploy” captures the convictional passion that drives this work: Leadership as mission. Put simply, leadership development is an essential element in fulfilling Christ’s mission in the world. We want to contribute something different to the admittedly, endless array of content available on the topic of leadership but from a set of theological convictions as opposed to merely pragmatic ones.

Theological convictions for “Leadership as Mission”.

  • Human beings were created with the unique capacity to reflect the image of God in our “leadership of creation”. (Gen 1)
  • The Fall of Man represented a fundamental failure to lead as humanities image bearing capabilities were devastated by sin.(Gen 3)
  • Jesus redeems and restores a people from the curse of Adam’s leadership failure, by succeeding in His leadership as the New Adam. (1 Corin 15)
  • Jesus’ Great Commission represents a new opportunity to reflect a redeemed image of God in our leadership to all Nations. (Matthew 28)
  • In our obedience to the Great Commission, leaders have the unique ability to advance Christ’s Kingdom and display His alternative rule in the world, in and through our leadership. (Matthew 16, Acts 1)
  • The Great Commission’s fulfillment through the local church requires intentional discipleship training, leadership development, pastoral/theological training and church planting. (Eph 4)

Practical Implications

  • Leadership development in the church should not just be for the church but for the mission of the church. In other words leadership development presents an missional opportunity as godly leaders are sent into the world to put the leadership of King Jesus on display for a watching world.
  • Leadership development is not merely volunteer training aimed at staffing church programs with free labor but should be looked at from a competency based, wholistic view that considers how leaders can be equipped to lead in all spheres of life.

Whether you share these theological convictions and implications or not, my prayer is that all leaders would see a different way to lead. A way of leadership taught in the local church, shaped and informed by the Gospel, and used to advance the mission of Jesus to all peoples.

Chad Williams

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